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About Nirvick Majoomdar

Nirvick, a Canadian citizen has been dabbling with businesses throughout his existence having been involved in many successful ventures.

With a successful travel business to boot under his belt as his last gig, his passion has always been food and the mountains. He believes “One must travel to the unknown, learn the ropes; organically. We are blessed with one life. Experience it to the fullest.”

Nirvick's body underwent tremendous stress, wear and tear having endured stage 3 cancer when he was in his forties; pain and stress followed with both legs broken due to his adventures/misadventures. 

However the right time comes for everyone. Time had come for him.

And he stayed the course to be led into another adventure.

Nirvick was amazed when he discovered a bounty of wild crafted and many wild harvested naturally grown world class superfoods, herbs, botanicals and mushrooms in the pristine mountains of Thailand. 

His quest of finding his passion where 'food is medicine' was knocking at his door. But he was not aware that his calling would be here.

The healing properties of superfoods and botanicals in the highlands of Thailand were unmatched in the whole globe. 

This is what it is. This is the calling.

Starting from scratch, Nirvick went about tying all the loose ends to build his brand, ‘The Golden Herbal Company’, a proud Canadian company.

TGHC today boasts on their platform a golden chest of world class premium products which have immense medicinal properties.

The Pentagon Plant-Based Immunity Program was born and approved by FDA during Covid 19 times to help build immunity to withstand viruses and bacterial infections; which is now the flagship product of the company.

Welcome to 'The Golden Herbal Company' - a place dedicated to giving you access to nature's superfoods and herbal supplements in their most natural, nutrient-rich form.

Our premium freeze-dry technology leads the field in the production of plant-based natural remedies, ensuring that you receive 100% of the health benefits of all our products, as mother nature intended.
Many bio-active compounds have been clinically proven to provide effective protection and healing from chronic inflammatory conditions and cancer as well as enhanced immunity against viral, bacterial and fungal infections. 


Thailand has an unbroken knowledge of herbal treatments and plant-based remedies going back millennia that is remarkably similar to the Indian Ayurveda. Local farmers completely understand the ethos of growing traditional herbs and other highly nutritious botanicals.

We process our botanicals locally to where they are grown so we can ensure that they are brought fresh to be dried within a couple of hours of being harvested. This way you know that you are receiving the most concentrated natural form of the nutrients, safely locked inside during the freeze-drying process before being naturally powdered, sealed and stored at low temperature.

When you select one of our raw powder or capsule products, you are accessing the most nutritionally high powdered form of these superfoods, herbs, roots, seeds, sprouts and mushrooms on the planet!
Whatever product you select from ‘The Golden Herbal Company’, you can be rest assured that you are giving your body the greatest gift of all the immunological, healing and rejuvenating properties that these plant nutrient-powerhouses possess, in their most natural bioavailable form.

Our farmers care deeply about the outstanding quality of their medicinal herbs and superfoods, all of which are organically certified and FDA approved.

We guarantee 100% natural, non-GMO plant products. No animal or animal by-products are used. There are no preservatives, additives, pesticides, insecticides or artificial nanoparticles in our products; just the pure raw herb, powdered in its most natural form, delivered to you at affordable prices.

Enhance your health today by ordering the highest quality of freeze-dried and powdered superfoods, roots, herbs, sprouts, seeds and mushrooms containing the purest concentration of natural health enriching nutrients and vitamins on Earth!

Our passion is your health.

Nirvick Majoomdar

Founder/CEO with 'The Golden Herbal Company' team.







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