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'The Golden Herbal Company' - A perfect blend and balance of nature, tradition and science.

Welcome to 'The Golden Herbal Company' - a place dedicated to giving you access to nature's superfoods and herbal supplements in their most natural, nutrient-rich form.

Our premium freeze-dry technology leads the field in the production of plant-based natural remedies ensuring that you receive 100% of the health benefits as Mother Nature intended.

With agricultural land availability under ever growing pressure due to expanding urban landscapes and increased food demand, farmers are resorting to more and more use of herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers in their efforts to produce crops faster and more efficiently.

Many farmers have turned to hydroponic farms where their produce is grown in liquid chemical solutions that provide beautiful looking earth-free fruits and vegetables but small temperature changes during growth as well as the quality of the solution they are grown in can significantly affect the uptake of nutrients into the plants.

This has led to a situation where we can no longer take for granted that the healthy food we eat is in fact as healthy and nutritious. Many of us are looking to augment our diet with nutrient rich supplements. We want to be assured that our bodies have access to the wide range of bio-active compounds necessary to achieve and maintain their optimal physical and mental health as well as enhanced immunity against viral, bacterial and fungal infections. Many bio-active compounds have also been clinically-proven to provide effective protection against and healing support of chronic inflammatory conditions and cancer.

There are now many types of vitamins, nutrient tablets and pills available in the market. Most of them are produced in factories by the millions. Oftentimes they contain sugar or artificial sugar, flavourings, preservatives and other chemical additives which completely take away from the original purpose for which they were intended. Furthermore, these often synthetically produced vitamins and nutrients are difficult for the body to absorb due to the way the supplements are constructed. For example; sugar in any form in the supplements inhibits the absorption of vitamin C. Also minerals are commonly added to supplements as oxides which are difficult for the body to break down into easily more absorbed ions.

Of course, synthetic supplements are no match for fresh foods which not only contain a wide spectrum of well recognised vitamins, minerals and proteins in a natural easily absorbable form but also an extensive array of lesser known bioactive compounds that are absolutely essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. This brings us back to the issues surrounding the agricultural production of the botanicals that are so very central to our overall health and wellness.

With all this in mind and a desire to provide a safe, reliable and 100% natural solution to the nutrient deficit in many of our diets today, our team of health orientated professionals set out across the planet with the sole objective of identifying and finding a way to process the richest, most concentrated natural sources of vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds; which locks these nutrients inside without compromising their potency or by not using any additives, pesticides, insecticides or herbicides.

And we succeeded!

We were looking for a location with clean fresh air and soil where farmers had ancient knowledge of herbs, roots, shoots, botanicals and mushrooms; they also naturally followed organic farming techniques because they understood the value of not adulterating these precious superfoods with anything chemical related. Chemicals are expensive and go against the grain of traditional farming techniques as they use natural fertilizers and compost.

In the lush, remote and pristine highlands of Northern Thailand we found such a place. Here the local farmers have completely understood the ethos of growing traditional herbal remedies, superfoods and other highly nutritious botanicals for hundreds of years. Thailand has an unbroken ancient knowledge of herbal treatments and plant-based remedies that is remarkably similar to the Indian Ayurvedic herbal medicine system and no doubt was influenced by Ayurveda with the arrival of Buddhism from India over 2000 years ago.

The Thais understand that the purity of the plants is paramount; the rich, warm damp soil and fresh mountain air of the highlands is the perfect place to produce these potent sources of health and vitality that are still used both medicinally and as regular ingredients in the legendary flavourings of Thai cuisine.

The farmers and coops we work with were as excited as we were at the prospect of growing and bringing these ‘wonderfoods’ to the West. They have long known the importance of them in their diet as well as their healing properties. Using organic fertilizers, traditional or ethical wild-harvesting techniques, always early in the morning and by hand, our farmers carefully select only the ripest healthy plants to bring to 'The Golden Herbal Company' an array of natural products which are named after 'Suvarnabhumi', literally meaning 'The Land of Gold', Thailand.

The local Thai’s have the luxury of eating these foods raw or lightly cooked from fresh, but how on Earth were we to bring these foods to you without losing any of the invaluable nutritious properties which make them so special?

This is where science came to meet ancient traditional wisdom. We used our contacts in Europe to produce and use a pioneering proprietary system to freeze-dry the sprouts, herbs, roots and mushrooms at just the right temperature that keeps all the nutrients in their original form. From there we could powder them, not by grinding which destroys the molecular structure but as part of the drying process itself. We then put the powder into vegan friendly plant-cellulose based capsules which are ready to be shipped to you.

One of the big issues surrounding plant powder-based supplements from other companies is that the botanicals are ‘air’ or even oven dried. The problem with air drying is that these are hot countries where the plants are grown and even the heat of air drying is sufficient to significantly break up the molecular chains that make up the bioactive compounds. It dramatically reduces their potency especially if the sun falls on them which it often does because the producers want to speed the drying process.

Our unique freeze-drying process solves this issue and locks the nutrients into the dry state where they are much more stable and remain bio-available.

Another issue with competitors’ products is that they process their plants far from where they are grow, therefore the plants deteriorate significantly before the drying even begins.

We process our botanicals locally to where they are grown so we can ensure that they are brought fresh to be freeze dried within a couple of hours of being harvested. This way you know that you are receiving the most concentrated natural form of the nutrients, safely locked inside during the freeze-drying process before being naturally powdered, sealed and stored at low temperature.

Almost all suppliers of natural supplements do another very strange thing. They remove the skin of the roots/rhizomes such as turmeric, galangal or black ginger before they powder them! Surely everyone knows that most of the goodness of root vegetables and herbs is contained within the skin. Therefore, we make sure we are clear in the naming of our root botanicals and we call them 'whole' black ginger, 'whole' turmeric and 'whole' galangal’.

What we end up with is the most nutritionally-high powdered form of these herbs, roots, seeds, sprouts and mushrooms on the planet!

When you select one of our raw powder or capsule products you can be sure that you are accessing the incredible life giving forces within these miracle superfoods of nature.

And they are miraculous!

Every one of our products contains the maximum amount of a range of vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds that are essential to our mental and physical wellbeing.

These are not just food supplements because to be classed as ‘superfoods’ our products need to go a lot higher and provide ‘stratospheric’ levels of goodness - way beyond those of regular fruits and vegetables.

At the bottom of many of our product pages, we list a variety of sources where you can access clinical-trial results, scholarly papers and authoritative articles that describe the exceptional nutritional characteristics of the plant we have so carefully preserved in its most effective form.

Among our products you will likely find some botanicals that you have never heard of and we urge you to research the benefits yourself and be amazed at the properties of these little known giants of natural health.

It is said that for every ailment, Mother Nature produced a remedy and today many people are looking for natural remedies for common ailments.

Whilst our products are described as dietary supplements there is no doubt that all of them can provide some relief of the symptoms of a vast spectrum of conditions and illnesses.

If in discussion with your doctor you are looking for a pure powdered form of a natural remedy then you will find no better concentrated source than our products due to the unique way we collect, prepare and dry them.

For example, our Moringa leaf powder is just that. Unlike other producers, we remove all the twigs and stems of the leaf before applying our state-of-the-art drying system to the leaves only, so that you are guaranteed the purest and nutritious form of the plant.

These exotic botanicals, fresh from the paradisiacal mountainous highlands of Thailand are indeed nature's pure gold. We can only do them and you justice by capturing 100% of their life-enhancing and medicinal efficacy to enrich your health and inner happiness. For make no mistake, many of the bioactive compounds contained within our products have been clinically proven to not only support a healthy mood but play an important role in brain health.

Whatever product you select from 'The Golden Herbal Company', you can be rest assured that you are giving your body the greatest gift of all the immunological, healing and rejuvenating properties that these plant nutrient-powerhouses possess in their most natural bioavailable form.

Our farmers care deeply about the outstanding quality of their medicinal herbs; all of which are organically certified, Thai-FDA approved and certified for GMP/Good Manufacturing Practices.

We guarantee 100% non-GMO plant products. No animal or animal by-products are used. There are no preservatives or additives, pesticides, insecticides or artificial nanoparticles in our products - just the pure raw herb; powdered in its most natural form, delivered to you at affordable prices.

Enhance your health today by ordering the highest quality of freeze-dried powdered roots, herbs, sprouts, seeds, and mushrooms containing the purest concentration of health enriching nutrients and vitamins on Earth!

Our passion is your health. You will feel the difference!

Nirvick Majoomdar, Founder and CEO 

The Golden Herbal Company Inc.


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