Food for Thought - How one company plans to lead the way

Food for Thought - How one company plans to lead the way

The benefits of good nutrition and organic food has always been well known but now more than ever, the world is getting conscious of their diet as food borne diseases and aliments have increased exponentially.

Consumers are now opting for natural, organic, farm fresh fruits and vegetables and striking down animal meat as the main source of protein. Furthermore, according to a market research, the demand for organic spices and herbs globally has risen with the Asia-Pacific region dominating this market at a whopping 76% share in 2017, closely followed by North America.

This has given rise to a lexicon called “Superfoods”. These include herbs, botanicals, mushrooms and other such plant-based foods, all of which contribute to a superior diet, higher energy and overall better nutrition.

Paradigm shift – Nutrition the Optimum Way

One such company actively involved in propagating the nutritional health benefits of plant-based herbs and botanicals is The Golden Herbal Company based in Canada. What really separates them from several other organic companies that lay claim to their nutritious output is the method by which The Golden Herbal Company sources these much sought after plant-based botanicals and herbs, thereafter using a proprietary technology to process them whereby the molecular complexities of the plants or herbs is maintained to give maximum nutritious value, just as nature intended it to be.  In fact, that is their Mantra as well.

The Secret Sauce

The company promotes nutrition and diet, based on the ancient Ayurveda teachings and practise with the addition of modern day research.

Careful consideration is undertaken as each botanical and plant-based herb is handpicked from the unspoilt highlands of Thailand, immediately processed within a few hours of harvesting and converted either to a powder form or packaged into capsules for easy consumption.

It is important to understand that all the herbs and plant-based botanicals are organically grown in the pristine mountains of Thailand, in their natural habitat, without use of any harmful chemicals/preservatives. In addition, a differentiator is the use of a proprietary technology which doesn’t use heat to process them. When heat is involved all the essential enzymes and nutrients of the herbs and botanicals get degraded with the traditional system of boiling or steam. Instead, due to their proprietary and innovative technology, the plant-based botanicals and herbs are better preserved, fresh and natural in their original form with the plant bioactivity retained even after being processed. Furthermore, the complex cellular structure is not compromised which gives potency and optimum benefit as a potential natural medicinal alternative. Hence consumers are provided with pure, organic, natural and potent products for long term sustainable good nutrition and healthy living.

Natural Herbs that serve many needs

Plant-based botanic and herbs have extraordinary benefits with little to no side effects. Benefits, such as improved eyesight, weight loss, as a culinary base or garnish, higher energy, as an anti-inflammatory agent, the list goes on. Therefore, The Golden Herbal Company has discretionally introduced a variety of plant-based botanicals and herbs with the focus of creating and educating consumers on better nutrition, living and lifestyle. Their website allows you to choose from a range of specially processed powders and capsules. These SUPERFOODS are available both for retail as well as bulk orders and can be obtained directly from the company’s website. All the products are FDA approved and GMP certified. Many of them are Halal and USDA certified. They are in the midst of introducing many plant-based formulas such as DETOX, PROTEIN and WEIGHT LOSS blends that will be encapsulated for easy consumption.

A WHO study in 2008 confirmed that nearly 80% of the world’s population depends primarily on naturally derived products to address some of their health needs in place of modern medicines which are much costlier and come with a series of side effects too.

Here are the some of the highlighted products of The Golden Herbal Company:

  1. Whole Turmeric Powder or Capsules: Useful as an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-depressant, brain function, cancer protection, cardiac health and anti-ageing.
  2. Black Ginger Powder or Capsules: Useful in reducing triglycerides, preventing diabetes and increasing the blood flow in the testis for male sexual performance thus increasing sperm density.
  3. Mangosteen Rind Powder or Capsules: Useful  for positive effects on cardiovascular health having anti-viral, anti-biotic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Sacha Inchi Seeds Powder or Capsules: Useful for skin care, weight management, cardiac functions that improve blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, fights inflammation, lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and raises good cholesterol (HDL). It is a plant-based protein source with rich content of Omega 3, 6, and 9 polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Nourish the body and cherish the soul.

As the world’s food consumers are revisiting ancient benefits to consuming plant-based food pyramids, their consumption habits and purchase trends are changing as well, thereby making room for more organic, pure and natural botanicals and herbs as their daily cuisine. What we put into our bodies is being considered far greater by the millennials than the boomers ever did. Conscious consumers are now extremely cognisant of the optimum balance between nutrition and exercise.

This phenomenon has thus given rise to nutritionists and yoga proponents as a new career and lifestyle. Living in the digital age and educating oneselves on striking the right balance has never been easier. The Golden Herbal Company’s aim is to educate consumers on striking that right balance to nourish the body and soul without burning their pockets.

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