Coronavirus and nature’s remedy

Coronavirus and nature’s remedy

Once again, the world is in grips of fear as a deadly new virus originating from the Wuhan province in China, is rapidly taking shape of a possible uncontrollable pandemic. According to the latest reports, more than 24,600 cases worldwide have been confirmed since the virus’s detection in December 2019. Worldwide more than 500 deaths have been confirmed, majority of that in China alone.

That figure can rise rapidly. It’s a belief that Coronavirus may surpass the SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) pandemic numbers that stood over at 774 deaths (Source: CDC). With the WHO declaring it a medical emergency and working with China that has adopted a multi sectoral approach to tackle and curb further spread, the world population is literally quarantined in silos.

Health organizations and pharmaceutical companies are racing towards finding a vaccine but like SARS that might be a futile exercise as they are both viral diseases where antibiotics and vaccines are ineffective. (Source: Future Medicine and NHS UK). But desperate times calls for desperate measures, hence infected patients are being given a cocktail of drugs that are antiviral and are being administered high doses of steroid to reduce swelling in the lungs.

Nature, as it always does may provide a glimmer of hope in addressing Coronavirus. A plant known as Plu Kow has been known for years in Traditional Chinese Medicine for its ability to prevent cell replication and boost the body’s immune system. Word of caution is however advised as human trials and research are still in its infancy about the plant in modern medicine.

Nevertheless, studies published in the “American Journal of Chinese Medicine” reported that Plu Kow reduced viral RNA synthesis and virus induced caspase 3 activity. The study further demonstrated that Plu Kow affected apoptotic processes in EV71 by inhibiting viral replication. (Vol 37, Issue 1, 2009 by Lin

The Golden Herbal Company based in Canada stands in an unique position to not only source and supply Plu Kow but have it processed using a proprietary freeze dry process. This special process is a key component in the creation of their functional food and nutraceuticals. It allows the company to preserve the botanicals and herbs in fresh form, maintaining all of the medicinal activities of a live plant while providing safety of a stable (preserved) commodity.

While the world combats to prevent another pandemic; which can take an ugly turn and bring everyone to a standstill and wreck world economies - nature has in its vast wealth of cures and a plant that might provide a little hope.

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