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Introducing The Golden Herbal Company Inc. started by my friend, Nirvick. The Company uses an unique proprietary technology that processes whole roots, herbs and botanicals without boiling/steaming or using heat. It results in the purest natural powders without any chemicals and preservatives. The process sustains the medicinal bioactivity of the live plant, and it does not remove any of the natural compounds that comprise the color, taste, and health benefits. The product range is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and it is Halal certified. The manufacturing facilities are Good Manufacturing Practice certified.

How are The Golden Herbal products different from the rest?

Many manufacturers process fresh-plucked leaf/root herb into powder using heat, which destroys most of the live enzymes and nutrients present within them.

The Golden Herbal Company products turn leaf/herb/root into powder and powder filled capsules without affecting their cellular and molecular structure. Their manufacturing methods use an alternative process that does not change the original state of the herbs. Many of these superfoods are anti inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial.

Nirvick Majoomdar established this homegrown Canadian company using such proprietary technology. A Canadian chef-at-large, sportsman, former sports editor for a leading newspaper, and an entrepreneur, Nirvick discovered new healthy ways of living and eating.

His journey on the path to discovering new natural cures has been long, steep, arduous, and fruitful, taking him to the pristine mountains of Thailand where some of these purest herbs grow.

Up in the unspoiled highlands of Thailand he witnessed hill tribes using wild-harvested and wild-crafted methods of growing premium herbs and botanicals. The Thai tribals know him well.

Now, he is introducing his discoveries of herbs and botanicals as dietary supplements - they are affordable and reachable to all, and he will be donating five percent of the company earnings to educate farmers to go back to traditional and organic methods of farming.

The Golden Herbal Company gives customers the ability to create their own herbal blends with their powders. Many of these Thai herbs are used in cooking such as kaffir lime leaves, galangal and lemongrass, turmeric and blue butterfly (Asian Pigeonwings).

The Golden Herbal Company is also launching Ayurvedic herbs in capsule and powder form using the same process, sourced from organic farms in India. These products are based on ancient Ayurvedic science going back 5,000 years. Stay tuned for a burst of good health with a pure and natural satisfying experience.

Written by Dr. Harish C. Mehta Ph.D. (McMaster University, Canada), and a friend of Nirvick’s for over thirty years. Harish is a former senior correspondent for the Business Times of Singapore, reporting on the health benefits of organic farming to consumers and the environment, as well as the risks of genetically modified seeds and products, and use of pesticides.