Mother Nature is Your Protector

100% natural, organic and naturally pure from the highlands of Thailand
Wild Harvested, Wild Crafted and Freshly Packed

Unheated Superfoods As Nature Intended

Wild Harvested,
Wild Crafted & Freshly Packed

Handpicked from the
Highlands of Thailand

The Golden Herbal Company processes superfoods, botanicals, herbs and mushrooms from the pristine mountains of Thailand into powder and capsules within a few hours after harvesting. We use an unique proprietary freeze dry technology -- which requires no heat -- thus preserving the whole foods in their fresh form and maintaining the bioactivity of the botanicals. We guarantee that all our products and supplements retain their maximum health benefits.

All our products are from Thailand and are Thai FDA-approved

The Power of Prevention

4 Immunity Reinforcing Herbs and 1 Mushroom Rolled into One capsule

Pentagon Plant-Based Immunity Program

The Golden Herbal Company's flagship product. Mangosteen rind, Amalaki/Amla, Papaya leaves, Plu Kow leaves and Cordyceps mushroom are the powerful ingredients to boost your immunity without any chemical preservatives.


Our Products

100% natural, organic and naturally pure from the pristine mountains of Thailand; Our products contain no wheat, no corn, no soy, no dairy, no animal matter, no preservatives, no additives, no artificial nanoparticles, no pesticides and insecticides, gluten free, non GMO. Experience the perfect blend and balance of nature, tradition and science to strengthen your body's immune responses without any side effects keeping you healthy and strong.

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Sprouted Black Rice Powder
Sprouted Black Rice Powder
Regular price$17.50
Whole Amalaki (Amla) Powder
Whole Amalaki (Amla) Powder
Regular price$17.95
Moringa Leaves Powder
Moringa Leaves Powder
Regular price$18.00
Whole Turmeric Powder
Whole Turmeric Powder
Regular price$18.50
Jiaogulan Leaf Powder
Jiaogulan Leaf Powder
Regular price$19.75
Lemongrass Powder
Regular price$17.50

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